3000mAh Mini Solar Charger (3 UNITS - wholesale)


Recharge anytime, anywhere.

Power to work longer, play harder, and go further. Your love for the outdoors may keep you going off-the-grid, but whaddaya do when your smartphone’s shortening battery bar just can’t keep up? Sprints to the wall-outlets to get enough power to call home (or snap a few more photos) aren't possible.. What if we told you that you could power-up quickly on-the-run? Yup, you heard us right! We engineered a lightweight, palm-sized solar charger to boost your battery when you're away from the grid. Dressed in a protective silicone sleeve, The BayouTech Mini solar charger slips easily into your backpack for handy power on-the-go. Bring it along on your next outdoor adventure and it'll keep you and your devices powerin’ through the rest of the day. When the LED lights are fully lit, the battery pack contains 2 full charges for a smartphone or a 25–50% boost for a tablet. As your devices drift off, plug 'em in with your charging cable and get back to business. Ah.. recharging in the great outdoors.
  • Highly efficient 3.3 watts solar panel charges up fast.
  • Mount on a window or place under the sun to charge by solar panel. You can also power-up the Mini using a wall outlet or USB.
    • Battery capacity: 3000 mAh; 3.7V
    • Internal battery type: Lithium polymer
    • Solar panel type: Monocrystalline
    • Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.8 x 0.5 in.
    • Product weight: 0.5 lb
    • Charging time from sun*: ~ 5 hrs
    • Charging time from wall**: ~ 3 hrs
    • Also charges iPods/MP3/MP4, USB cameras, e-readers, GPS, PSP/handheld game consoles, Bluetooth speakers and more.
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