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Gatorwire is now selling under our sub-brand name: BayouTech ❗🐊

👇 A quick backstory 👇

Have you ever felt like there just had to be a better way? After many years of working in industrial wiring, we found ourselves thinking through the weight of that very same statement.

We knew one thing for sure: when Joe Smith went to an electronics store to buy an HDMI cable for his new flat screen TV, the options were complicated, overpriced, and confusing, making the whole ordeal just plain… monotonous.

Now, we know we’re a little geeky, but after spending decades learning the ins and outs of telecommunications and electronics industry, we felt like we were failing poor Joe Smith by not providing a better experience. We knew he needed a more simple, affordable and straightforward way to shop for his TV’s accessories—and we wanted Joe to feel like he was purchasing from a family friend that genuinely cared.

So, five years ago, our small team of geeky outdoorsmen opened up shop in Wylie, Texas and started an online business selling cables and wiring solutions. With a love for our swampy roots and many combined years of experience in the wiring industry, we affectionately named the venture “Gatorwire”.

Half a decade later, after working closely with our customers, getting glimpses of their day-to-day lives and hearing their feedback, we’ve incorporated more and more tech solutions into our product line in an effort to meet their unique needs.

That being said, the range of our product line has quickly outgrown what our original name implied.

So BIG, exciting news! In light of 2018’s upcoming product launches, we thought now was as good of’a time as ever to pull back the curtain and reveal our biggest update yet…. ❗🐊

Know this: we’re the same small company with the same loyal team members and values.

We just wanted to ensure that we were giving our customers (present and future) the most clear, simple, and straightforward shopping experience possible.

Our team is super stoked about this new phase of business and we can’t wait to keep rolling out even more exciting updates in the upcoming months! THANK YOU for being a part of this journey.

We look forward to serving you!

- Your friends at BayouTech


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