3 Reasons You Should Add a Solar Generator to Your Emergency Kit

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3 Reasons You Should Add a Solar Generator to Your Emergency Kit

As tens of thousands were left powerless in the devastation of recent tropical storms, you may be thinking of purchasing an emergency power bank to protect you and your loved ones the next time an outage occurs.


But what power bank is the right fit for your family’s needs?


3 reasons you should add a solar generator to your emergency kit

For years, our team at Gatorwire has been working to create reliable, high-quality power solutions that will keep your devices powered when away from the grid. One (really powerful) device we are excited to offer to our customers is the BayouTech 400Wh; a portable solar generator with 100,000 mAh of power.

When the news of the aftermath of hurricane Harvey began circulating, we boxed up this trusty BayouTech 400Wh/100,000mAh Portable Solar Generator and sent it with a rescue team down to Houston with the hope of helping residents power up their devices so they could check in with their loved ones. It’s compact, lightweight design and solar-charging capability made it a perfect partner in the team’s mission to help the flood victims.

Here are a few reasons we believe this machine is the right choice for your family’s emergency kit.

  • It Has Versatile, 3-Way Charging Capability
  • In choosing a power bank for your emergency kit, one of the most important factors you should consider is its charging capabilities. Alone, a power bank doesn’t make much sense for a long-term energy need. It is vital that the machine you choose can easily (and effortlessly) charge through multiple channels. That’s why it was really important to us that our generator had versatile charging; In addition to being able to power the machine through an AC outlet and car port, our BayouTech 400Wh/100,000mAh Portable Solar Generator easily connects to our XPand Solar Kit for no-hassle charging via the sun.

    Bonus: our XPand Solar Kit has briefcase style folding. Check it out.

  • Its Practical Design
  • Compact, light and portable, this machine has mobility unlike any other.  All of this thanks to its built-in, slow-discharge Lithium battery. We also like this choice because, even after prolonged storage, its surplus battery life will remain (which you’ll appreciate if you’ve ever used a dicey,  lead acid battery…. It has a heck-of-a-lot more life cycles, too).

    The BayouTech 400Wh/100,000mAh Portable Solar Generator was engineered for Plug-n-Play, a one touch operation with an easy to use LCD panel.

  • Its power and capacity is unmatched
  • With 400Wh and 100,000 mAh of power, this machine is (more than) ready to take on your energy needs. If you’re away from the grid or experiencing a blackout, the BayouTech 400 acts as a generator that is designed to run a variety of devices—even big appliances like an oven or fridge! Charging both AC and DC devices, this powerful machine can also jump start your car battery in an emergency.

    And don’t worry—It has a built in safety protection for overvoltage and overcurrent.

    Rich with features and highly reliable, the BayouTech 400Wh/100,000mAh Portable Solar Generator is a trusted investment for emergency (or general off-the-grid) power.

    This light-weight, portable, solar-power solution is available at gatorwire.com—with free shipping!


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    • Patti: June 02, 2018

      Could I get some help with how to hook up the solar panels to the generator cable. I have only 20 days to return both the generator and solar panels. I purchased the BayorTech Power generator 400 AC/Dc Power on the Go. I would appreciate any help I could get.

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